Friday, August 10, 2012

This One’s For The Ladies…..

By: J Robert Giles

“It’s hard to look for the light when you’re lost in the darkness.”  - Anonymous


All she ever wanted was a better life than the one she lived as a child. She wanted a life far from the impoverished surroundings of her youth. Her parents shielded her as best they could but eventually, a curious child will break through even the strongest parental defenses. Despite the hard work of her parents, their limited income forced them into worlds where dreams are not often fulfilled.

Her parents had done their very best to provide a life of joy. They made ends meet with their extremely limited resources. They stretched and sacrificed more than her insulated mind could possibly have known at the time. Still, her dreams were of luxury and contentment. Dreams that often invade the mind of a young girl.

Finally, a man comes into her life and manages to sweep her off her feet. Their relationship moves quickly and before she has a chance to blink, that wide-eyed country girl is now a city-living housewife. Years pass by. She gives him two children but feels completely alone in raising them. The hero, as she had seen him in the infancy of their relationship is more stereotypical than original. He views her as his possession. He views her as his servant.

She sacrifices the loving respect she deserved for the life she told her friends back home she was getting. In exchange, she is given the privilege of living in his house. She is given the privilege of raising his children. She is forever in his debt. She relies on him far more than he relies on her and he never misses a chance to direct attention to this fact.

In public settings, he belittles her. He forbids her from seeing friends he deems “beneath” him. Her time with her own family is limited to hurried visits at holidays or birthdays; no more. The friends she used to rely on for humor, encouragement, and support worry when she starts to have more and more “accidents.”

The injuries from these so called accidents seem to be limited to the torso area. There’s never any visible bruising but the effects are apparent in her labored movement, breathing, and eye contact. The once confident smile that separated her from the crowd is now replaced with a solemn, glazed stare and a forced grin. Her vibrant, blue eyes now absorb light rather than twinkle as they did in the innocence of her youth. So obvious is the abuse, yet the hero goes unpunished.

The hero is admired by many. He’s the one all the neighbors will eventually tell a reporter about. They’ll describe him as “the nicest guy in the world.” Each one of them has seen the signs, but his charm and her ability to act as if her life is perfect keep suspicions to a dull, private roar. Human instinct forbids them from intervening. It’s easier to convince oneself that violence and abuse only happen in “other” neighborhoods than it is to help pick up the pieces of a confrontation. It’s one of those generally accepted cul-de-sac rumors… real proof. No one’s ever actually seen him hit her, but they all kind of accept the fact with quiet shame.

Then it happens…..he snaps. One of his outbursts spills out into the street where he drags her by the hair, screaming and kicking out into the yard. Their children are screaming for him to stop but his grip doesn’t loosen a bit. Her lip is bleeding and his rage is visible from a thousand feet. She’s screaming in terror…..begging him to please “stop.”

“I’ll do whatever you want…..please stop!”

Lights begin to illuminate the windows of neighbor’s homes. His rage subsides just long enough to let him know that his surroundings are not necessarily friendly. He notices his children crying. He hears the scream of approaching sirens and he reluctantly releases his grip on her hair.

YOU are one of the neighbors. What do you do? Do you support him as he begins his campaign to claim his innocence? Do you believe the stories and excuses he comes up with? Do you go along with the ridiculous reasons he uses to justify his actions?

Or… you stand up and support the woman who desperately needs a real hero? She’s in too deep. She can’t leave on her own because he’s got her too terrified to do so. He’s convinced her that she won’t survive without him. She’s a completely dependent victim. The damage he has done goes well beyond the visible bruises. They’re emotional and they are not yours to judge. Does she have to die before you take action? The cul-de-sac rumors are true and you are now faced with the decision to help the woman in need or support the abusive charmer. Which will it be?

That’s exactly where we stand as a country. When I hear numbers like 53-41 in favor of President Obama, it makes me sick. I’m talking about the polls which suggest such a staggering lead for Obama when it comes to female voters. It’s like the abused wife who’s too scared to defy the orders of her power hungry, uber-charming, abusive husband.

The women who blindly cling to Obama’s unfulfilled promises cannot possibly represent the margin the polls suggest. Ladies, get out there and spread the facts. Barack Obama does not love you as he claims…..he uses you for political gain. He doesn’t connect with you as he so eloquently states in his numerous daily campaign stops. Barack Hussein Obama is an abusive husband and the women of America are his trophy wives. He’s abusing each and every one of you but apparently, according to recent polls; only 41% of you have the courage to stand up for yourselves. Those of you who can honestly claim membership in that paltry percentage; you are to be commended.

Those of you who hide behind the costly shade of Obama’s charm, popularity, and hype…..we’re here to help. Just because we don’t believe the United States government should be funding abortions with our money, doesn’t mean we hate women. The fact that we don’t believe Sandra Fluke’s friend spent $3,000 per month on contraception does not make us extremists. The fact that we don’t believe Obama has the right to force a church to abandon it’s own beliefs does not make us zealots.

Barack Hussein Obama voted for legislation that would prevent a doctor from providing medical assistance to a fetus who managed to survive a late term abortion. He was the ONLY senator to vote that way. Yet we are considered to be the extremists in this situation?

That’s disgusting. That kind of mentality has absolutely no place running our country. That kind of thinking has absolutely no right to have any influence on the lives of my daughters. It’s time to break free from the chains of hype and take a stand. Women of America…..unite. There are plenty of real men out here who stand ready to fight alongside you. Not for you. Not against you. With you.

Michelle Obama is Barack’s incessantly mentioned example of what a “strong” woman should be. Do you agree? What has she done with the office she holds? Has she brought honor or shame to her role as First Lady of the United States? Having your picture taken with a shopping cart full of groceries in the local Target does not make you relate to the struggles of the single mother fighting for the survival of her family. Michelle Obama’s daughters will never know the fears and struggles faced by the women to which she claims to relate. Her world is insulated, pampered, and free. It is nothing like the world inhabited by the women I know and respect. (If you’re reading this, you’re one of them!)

Mitt Romney is Pro-Life and he believes abortion should be limited only to cases of rape or incest. In 2007, during a debate, Romney stated that he would “welcome a consensus that said we don’t want to have abortion in this country at all, period.” Despite the great manipulation skills of His Barackness, that does not mean that Romney is campaigning on a “promise to end all abortions.” Obama’s charm can’t grow old with you. His charm can’t provide the real protection, support, encouragement, and camaraderie you need. His love is for himself, not the vows he has taken to be true to you.

Obama is using you. He’s using you and we don’t want to wait until you’re lying naked in the yard with a busted lip and horrified children to take action. If you’re ready to flee his abusive rule, we’re here with open arms, impenetrable shields, and genuine respect. Welcome.

As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles