Monday, December 5, 2011

Habit of Working…..

BY: J Robert Giles

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I am a great believer in luck. I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”   - Thomas Jefferson



Recently, Newt Gingrich made a few comments about the poor that have been so predictably misconstrued and smeared across the media that researching the topic has made Hardwork21 for a very entertaining morning. I can certainly understand why Newt would not be appealing to those on the left, and more specifically those on the left who thrive in the State of Entitlement. I can certainly see why a successful, opinionated, Southern, white man who would dare to speak of laziness among the poor would be the subject of such criticism in liberal circles.

For those of you who have somehow escaped this story, Mr. Gingrich was speaking in Iowa recently when he said “Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits for working and have nobody around them who works. So they literally have no habit of showing up on Monday. They have no habit of ‘I do this and you give me cash’… unless it’s illegal,” he said.

While there may have been a slightly more sensitive way to phrase his point, I see nothing wrong with the sentiment expressed. All day long today, I’ve seen phrases like “working poor” and “disparity”. Newt Gingrich didn’t say that all poor people are criminals. He didn’t say that anyone without a job is a burden, but in an overwhelming number of the cases out there, he would have been well within his right to do so. Not everyone without a job is a criminal and not every unemployed person out there is milking the system but we cannot ignore the statistical FACT that there are now officially more people taking from the system than there are people contributing. That math simply won’t sustain our nation very long. If you’re having one of those slow, Monday kind of days, I’ll explain it for you…..imagine our economy is a big pie. You can’t keep eating the pie, and sharing the pie with your neighbors and even your enemies while telling the bakery owner that you hate him and you think he should give you more of his pie for free. Eventually, you are going to run out of pie. You will then go hungry, and you will starve. Most people have discovered that working pays the bills, but no one can argue the fact that there are an absurd amount of people in our country who simply milk the system and live off the government with no ambition, no motivation, and no remorse. Our money is simply “there for them” to use. If Newt Gingrich ends up being the Candidate to earn a duel with Barack Obama in the 2012 Election, then we must prepare for an all out assault. Drama-mama-Obama-Llama (TM) will use every media source at his far-reaching disposal to tell and re-tell the atrocious beliefs of the rich and white Newt Gingrich.

I don’t necessarily know that I agree with all of Mr. Gingrich’s views, but I do know that he does not hate poor people. People like Steve Benen have gone so far as to insinuate that Mr. Gingrich believes children should start working at age 9. I love absurdly sensationalized writing like that of Mr. Benen. It’s that kind of hogwash that gets those “I’m liberal because my parents said so” types off the fence and into the conservative movement. This comment will not go away soon. They will make sure of it. Before we go to the polls next November, many of those “on the fencers” will be blasted back into the liberal lunacy because they read and believe stories like the one this buffoon has spun.

Do not let yourselves, or your neighbors or friends believe that Newt Gingrich is against the poor. Look at the stories logically and ask yourself if a man who believes childrenPoor should be slaving away and providing income to their families at the age of nine could have ever survived a political life as long as the one Newt has enjoyed. The sentiment expressed in his comments is absolutely, 100% accurate. There is a sense of entitlement in this country that no one can legitimately deny. You can dress it up anyway you want to; you can call it welfare, assistance, bail-outs, or the esteemed “Occupy” movement, but it’s laziness wherever it is applied as anything but a temporary fix. There are plenty of people who use the assistance provided by many entitlement programs for the reasons and duration intended. Those people work hard, educate themselves, and scrape together everything they can until they can improve their situation. Those people view welfare as a shameful request. Those people believe that taking money they did nothing to earn is disgraceful and they work as quickly as possible to remove the big government nipple from their ambitious lips. Those are not the people Mr. Gingrich was talking about.  Obama and his Solyndra-loving, Smallpox researching, government dependency peddling cronies will try to convince you that all poor people are just down on their luck and need more of our love and compassion. There will be dirty faced, ribcage exposed children peering sadly out of the dirty windows of a dilapidated home to pull at your heartstrings. Those are not the people or the mentality that Newt Gingrich despises. Those are not the people I despise. The ones that make my blood boil are the ones that I encounter on the streets of downtown Saint Louis fairly regularly. For example, a few weeks ago, as I walked down Washington Avenue, I was approached by a clean, well dressed man on a Smartphone who put his conversation on hold long enough to look me in the eye and say “let me get some change up outcha, white-boy.” Most of the responses that came to my mind would have most likely landed me on the news for a few days so I just laughed and kept walking. My money is not yours just because you talk loudly, moron!

POTUS-Diddle There is a real problem with entitlement in our country. We can keep shoveling the issues under the rug. We can keep allowing the media to convince us that evil exists in logic. We can keep allowing good men to be run out of candidacy because of hypocritical belief systems that seem to materialize in the left whenever the right does something they condone and encourage among their own leaders. Bill Clinton diddled an alarming number of fugly women yet he’s heralded as a hero. Herman Cain ‘allegedly’ had an affair while he was working in the food-service-industry and the left simply can’t handle such indiscretion. Call them out on the double standard and you’ll be labeled a racist despite the fact that they are attacking a minority. Such logic has no place in the mind of a liberal. Dare to express favor for a candidate the left does not approve of and you will be deemed non-progressive. People cheat. Republicans cheat, democrats cheat. Liberals cheat, conservatives cheat. It happens. It’s an ugly part of life on planet earth. Good men cheat. Good women cheat. It doesn’t mean their judgment is permanently flawed. Stupid decisions make judgment permanently flawed. My disgust with our current president has nothing to do with his sexual history. The thought of old scrawny McBig-Ears getting tossed around the Lincoln Bedroom by his predator looking lover just disgusts me, but it is not the reason I despise him. I despise him because of his habitual stupidity. Period. I have not led a pure life by any means. There are people in several states with stories about me that will never permit a run for public office, but I do not pretend that I am above them when they succumb to human nature. When they act as though they are better than me because of their illogical reasoning and their condescending tones, then they earn my disapproval… matter what letter they put before their state. (R-MO) or (D-MO); it simply doesn’t matter if they had no business being elected in the first place!

Keep eating the pie. Keep giving away the pie. Just don’t expect more pie when you run out and all the pie-makers have moved to more friendly countries where their efforts are encouraged, supported, and applauded. Disparity is directly related to effort. The Wall Street Movement can throw all of the silly catch-phrases they want to but it does not change the fact that disparity is just a clever-sounding way of saying “let me get some change up outcha.”

As always, thanks for playing!

J. Robert Giles