Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh, The Merry Hypocrisy….

By: J Robert Giles

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“I find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating... because it causes war, hypocrisy and competition.”  Fidel Castro


Leave it to good ol’ Fidel to put that warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart. His chiseled appearance, worldly charm, and global influence obviously prove his credibility. His success and complete lack of civil unrest or poverty within the borders of his homeland most assuredly permit  him the right to talk down to us and our beliefs, right? I know, i castro-obama-e1313674328712 know…’s Christmas and I shouldn’t let the maniacal ravings of a guy who’s only alive because he has learned to use hatred as sustenance get to me. But, since we’re here…’s funny Fidel should mention ‘hypocrisy’ isn’t it? The fact that he would dare to use such a word to describe a way of life that has rendered his own belief system pretty much useless is hilarious. Such overt disdain for an economic system that has all but destroyed socialism. Castro has never made an attempt to hide his opposition to capitalism and often pointed to skewed figures to show failure where no one truly believes any exists. He would point to Africa and Latin America as capitalism failing but the part he never seemed to recognize is that capitalism cannot exist in a dictatorship. Success of capitalism requires democracy and it’s beautiful, inherent freedom. When one man or family has as much control over a country as Castro did, freedom and capitalism are only pretended among the masses. (Would someone please explain to Barack HUSSEIN Obama that socialism is bad and except for a few tent-living fools, the American people he so often refers to in his condescending speeches are happy with the benefits of capitalism?)

Hypocrisy doesn’t end with the grossly misinformed Cuban. Recently, in one of the most arrogant displays of hypocrisy I Sheenscan imagine, Martin Sheen held a press conference on the steps of a New York City courthouse to announce the innocence of a convicted cop killer. Apparently, Mr. Sheen believes the power granted his presidential character on The West Wing somehow translates to the real world. Martin, a longtime refugee from morality and conservative thought, believes he is a judge, jury, attorney, and warden. He is demanding the release of a man who attempted to rob the illegal casino run by a NYC cop over thirteen years ago. A scuffle ensued, and the officer was shot in the face. Does Martin Sheen have access to information or evidence not provided to the jury? Besides, is Martin Sheen really the man you want to  represent you? Look at his track record when it comes to character. Hypocrisy is apparently a gift a father can bestow upon his son as is evidenced by the very existence of Charlie Sheen’s fading career.

Charlie Sheen’s opinion is somehow still worthy of attention in the media. The crack addled, booze sponge exposes his children to his pornstar roommates, and is somehow heralded as ‘courageous’ for standing by his beliefs. He is supported and coddled by the media as if he is a child and publicity is the blankie so willingly given to him while discipline and accountability go unmentioned. Then, all of a sudden and with alarming predictability, the media gains a moral compass just in time to vilify Herman Cain. While I don’t necessarily believe Cain would have survived as a candidate, I find it hilarious that a media who praises the Sheen family and their ridiculous lifestyles and opinions could question the morals of anyone! A group of people willing to look past Slick Willy’s Oval Office Swine Fests as events that had nothing to do with the effective leadership of our country can’t fathom the thought of Herman Cain’s unscrupulous mind in that same office. Hypocrisy.

images (1) Then there’s that rare kind of hypocrisy that we all love to see. That kind of hypocrisy that exposes long opposed thought, opinion, or policy. Take, for example, the lawsuit that was recently brought forth against the bastion of liberal nonsense…..New York University or “N.Y.U.” as it is called in those circles more progressive than your own. It seems that a professor in the Fine Arts department had the nerve to give a poor grade to one of his students who missed 12 of 14 classes. The professor was publicly harassed and ridiculed by the student who happened to be overhyped actor, James Franco. Franco, star of such cinematic classics as Your Highness and Pineapple Express apparently believes that loaning his presence to any organization or institution warrants unyielding support. Attendance and participation in class are only requirements of those students who don’t already pretend for a living. The professor was fired and is now suing the school, but this lawsuit just reeks of hypocrisy, does it not? The very school that has, for decades, pumped out entitled snot actor after entitled snot actor is now being sued for treating an actor like a common student. The professor himself admits that he went out of his way to create a “Franco-friendly” environment. I would be very interested to see just how much of Mr. Franco’s absurdly unjustified net-worth was sacrificed for those classes. I’m willing to bet that there is at least one single mother putting herself through night classes at NYU who paid more than James Franco; the multi-millionaire, James Dean wannabe who managed to over-act the role of Spider-Man’s enemy. In a cinematic franchise known for horrible dialogue, and dazzling special effects with a cartoonish feel to them, Mr. Franco managed to leave audiences annoyed and wishing he had graced another film with his presence. Ahh, the sweet taste of misguided notions being exposed.

The world we have allowed to be created around us is one where hypocrisy is encouraged. We crave it because we have been programmed to do so. We ignore morality in one instance and demand it in another because we have become incapable of defending an unpopular opinion. James Franco has no power over me whatsoever. He shouldn’t have had any power over the admissions processes at NYU, but his celebrity dictated that such concessions be given. I wouldn’t give Charlie Sheen a glass of water if I found him wandering the desert for fear that his body would reject the unfamiliar substance, yet his horrendous morals are followed and chronicled as if they are something to which our kids should aspire. Fidel Castro is about as ridiculous a human being as there will ever be, yet whenever his opinion or stance will aid the left he’s regarded as a great leader. Castro spoke of the evils of capitalism. That’s like Steven Hawking criticizing a marathon runner’s poor technique. That’s like Jon Corzine being asked to give economic advice to the president…….wait……seriously? He did not really do that, did he?

Sift through the incessant crap that the media hurls at us and form your own thoughts. We are being manipulated and more and more evidence of that fact is rising to theHypocrisy surface. Stop being told that you have to change your ways when those telling you to do so are completely unwilling to change their own. Hypocrisy is all around you but it’s power is limited to your invitation. We’ve allowed ourselves to become a nation full of the very kind of people necessary to get Barack HUSSEIN Obama elected in the first place. Now, as those terrifying “Obama 2012” stickers begin appearing on more and more Prius’s and other SRV’s (Sex Repelling Vehicles) we cannot allow those who are vehemently defending his failed policies, laws, and actions to vote him back into office. They elected a man who took more from Wall Street than any other President in history and then have the nerve to blame Bush for Wall Street’s influence in politics. They elected a man who swore he would end the war in Iraq, and then demand that I believe his decision to do so after three years had nothing to do with the fact that his reelection now looks uncertain at best. They support a man who has literally lost BILLIONS of our dollars yet they blame others for the dire economic status of our country. Sure there is occasionally a crushing bit of hypocrisy on our side of the aisle as well, but Herman Cain allegedly sleeping with a co-worker 20 years ago did not put my job, my family, or my country in direct danger. They speak to us about morals and decency yet support the ACLU and NAMBLA. Hypocrisy surrounds you but you are NOT powerless unless you choose to be.

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J. Robert Giles


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