Friday, September 28, 2012

Undecidedly Needed…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” - Leonardo da Vinci


This article is an open plea to any “undecided” voter. It’s a counter response to the manipulated reality to which you have been over exposed.

Barack Hussein Obama would have you believe that you are part of a very needy group who receives little to no respect, attention, or money from your government. He would have you believe that the only way you can possibly get the life America “owes you” is to cast your vote for him and his ideology.

His Barackness loves to separate Americans into groups. In the world into which he is trying to cast America, every group has specific needs that only the government can fulfill. What was once the slow and measured spread of dependence has become a paralyzing epidemic.

Ladies first. Barack Obama would have you believe that Conservatives support a so called “War on Women.” This is false. You should be offended by such nonsense, not drawn into it. The women I know are strong. They are moral (for the most part) and they are logical. (Again…..for the most part!) The women I know; the ones who raised me and continue to put up with me to this day, would never go out in public demanding that the government provide them with contraception at the expense of others. Conservatives do not want to control your bodies, ladies. We don’t want to tell you when and where you can protect yourselves as those on the left would expect you to believe. Conservatives want you, and all Americans to succeed on your own. We don’t believe you need the government or anyone else making your most important life decisions for you. You’re smart. You can figure out how to budget birth control into your finances if it’s of importance to you, right? Please don’t get sucked into the hype and charm of Obama and his campaign. Single, married, young, old, black, white, divorced, or widowed….. cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Black people. The idea that conservatives don’t respect you is absurd. Respect has nothing to do with skin color. Respect comes from actions, not race. To that end; what actions has Barack Obama performed that make him worthy of your vote? Unemployment among your communities is over 6% higher than it is in the rest of America. That’s a verifiable fact, not political hype. I am begging of you to ask yourselves a couple of questions: Do you support abortion? Do you support gay marriage? These are both things that your “brother” has openly endorsed. Barack Obama claims membership in the black community, but ask yourself: How many of your neighbors, friends, or family members grew up in Hawaii and went to a Muslim School in Jakarta, Indonesia? Not exactly Barry from the Block, is he? I beg of you, look beyond the color of his skin. Look at his actions. Look at what he stands for. He doesn’t represent you. He uses you. He charms you and preys upon your blind loyalty and we all deserve better. He’s no different than the crack dealer who gives the first rock “for free.” They both know that once you get a taste of their “product” you’ll be back for more, and more, and more. Break the cycle of addiction and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Hispanics are another proud people being asked to abandon their beliefs in exchange for “favors” from His Barackness. Hermanos y hermanas, os ruego ..... no se dejen ver como tontos. No se dejen para ser utilizados como marionetas. (Brothers and sisters, I beg of you… not allow yourselves to be viewed as fools. Do not allow yourselves to be used like puppets.) The country to which you flee is only worth all the risk if it provides the glory you seek. That glory comes in the form of freedom and it is being stripped away by the very man telling you that you “owe him” a vote if he clears the path for your immigration. What has he done? Deportations are up, immigration is harder than ever, and he has asked the Catholic Church to set aside thousands of years of belief and scripture to make room for the scriptures of liberalism. He’s asked the sanctity of family to look the other way while the homosexual agenda is inserted into your home. The man to whom so much loyalty is given will take away the very country many of you risked your life to enter. Look at the facts and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Christians are being asked to forsake their beliefs. We have a President whose only mention of Christ comes when cameras are rolling. God commands a life foreign to Obama. Deep down in your heart, if you truly believe in God, you must also believe that so many of the arguments, actions, and statements made by the President and his administration are wrong. Mitt Romney is a genuinely good man. There are hundreds of stories that support his claims of sincere altruism, yet very few if any can be found of Barack Obama. In fact, his past actions are kept from us with such fervor; the question of “what’s he hiding” simply has to be asked. Trust your spiritual heart and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Jews who still insist on casting a vote for Barack Obama should be just as ashamed of themselves as anyone owning a copy of the Katy Perry movie. Barack Obama has made no attempts to hide the fact that his sympathies lie with Muslims in the Middle East, not Israel. His outright dismissal of Benjamin Netanyahu this week is just a small example of the disrespect given to Tel Aviv over the course of this failed Presidency. You have to be able to turn on the TV and see with your own eyes that no matter what he may say; his policies are failing in a part of the world that views Israel as an enemy. Apply simple logic to the decision and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Business Owners, who do you honestly believe knows more about the ins and outs of business ownership in America? Mitt Romney who has created thousands of jobs and millions of dollars, or Barack Obama who has never run so much as a lemonade stand and considered Solyndra, Ener1, A123 Systems, and the highly combustible Chevy Volt to be “solid investments.” We can no longer afford tio run our nation’s economy on fairy tales and wishes. It’s time for a real leader to take the wheel. ObamaCare will cripple you with higher expenses and crushing tax burdens.

Men and women of the United States Armed Forces, you are the finest fighting force the world has ever known. You are strength in lands that have only known force. You are hope in neighborhoods that have only known terror. You make decisions and face consequences your detractors can’t possibly fathom and you do it all at the discretion of a man who takes credit for your courage. You do it all for a paycheck that most would consider small, and you do it with pride. Now, you are being asked by the man who is supposed to be your “leader’ to sacrifice over a TRILLION dollars so that his own agenda can be funded. Marines are not allowed to politicize their actions and dispatch United Nations goons to assign false blame when they screw up. They are certainly not afforded the sympathetic assistance of the American media. Marines own up, punish their own, and move on. I ask you to demand the same of your Commander In Chief on 6 November. Ask yourself, if Eric Holder had been a Marine would his Commanding Officer have invoked any kind of “privilege” to save him from his unethical actions, especially when those actions resulted in the death of an American?

Mitt Romney doesn’t look at America in terms of the groups we can be broken into. Mitt Romney looks at America as America. One great country that deserves a great leader. We deserve a leader with positive economic history, not a questionable past. It doesn’t matter what group you fall into because we are all in this together. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, where you work, or where you came from. It doesn’t matter where you worship. If you live in this country and have a sense of pride in that fact, you deserve better than a President who STOLE $1.4 BILLION from the American taxpayer last year so that he could fund the ridiculously extravagant lifestyle of his family. Our country has amassed $6 trillion in debt under his watch and his family spends $1,400,000,000.00 on flights, vacations, the biggest personal staff in White House history, and parties with celebrities and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. When was the last time you took a lavish vacation? When was the last time your servant made you a meal?

You know how many servants the Romney’s employ? ZERO. You know how many movers Mitt Romney hired to move his family’s belongings out of their Park City, Utah home when Hal and Corrinne Prewitt bought it from him in 2009? ZERO. He rolled up his sleeves, packed up the truck, and moved the stuff himself. (Click on the link to read this unbiased story.) That’s the kind of man I want running my country. A man who values the result of his own hard work. Not one who demands the fruits of another man’s labor and takes credit for another man’s bravery. I want a leader who can point to numerous stories of altruism and decency, not one who vehemently hides past relationships.

By the way, England’s Royal Family only took $56 million from the people of England last year. That included one of the most lavish and publicized weddings in the history of man! Think about that for a second. $1.4 BILLION for the Obamas…..$56 Million for the entire Royal Family.

Spread this article. Get this information into the hands of any undecided voter you may know. Beg them to ask you the questions that are keeping them in the “undecided column” and don’t be afraid to stand firm in your convictions when called upon to answer those questions. We must win this election. The media will not help as they are running negative stories about Romney at an alarming 13:1 pace over negative pieces about Obama. Obama is not a saint. He has zero business success in life prior to the White House and even less since moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s time to take the veil off the bride and reveal the thieving, lying, pig beneath. The honeymoon is over; it’s time to file for divorce!

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles