Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stop Playing Their Game…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Man is not free unless government is limited.” - Ronald Reagan


Why are we not rejoicing? Why are conservatives not dancing in the streets? We have a nominee who is clearly playing a different game than that in which His Barackness is perpetually engaged. We should be celebrating; tossing our hands to the heavens and thanking God for the blessing of Mitt Romney.

In fact, I truly believe that most of us are doing just that. It’s not the boisterous, riot gear necessitating kind of celebration demanded by our political opponents, but it’s a celebration nonetheless. Mitt Romney may have been speaking to a crowd of friendly “investors” in the ill-fated “secret video” but the message is one we have all thought.

The message in that grainy cell-phone video is truth but our celebration is limited. Why is that? Why is it that we have evidence of a man who is finally addressing the single most critical issue of our day but our joy is so silent? The man we all hope will become the next President of the United States finally applies logic and common sense to an issue the enemy has controlled in the past and we allow the media to control the public opinion. Folks…..we ARE the public opinion! Start acting like it.

Mitt Romney does not have the kind of personality that will allow him to attack Barack Obama in the manner we would all love to witness. Unlike Obama, Mitt Romney has a Vice presidential candidate to take care of that kind of specific workload. We should not hide our loyalty to a man who possesses the strength necessary to see the world as Mitt Romney clearly does. We should be embracing that quality. We should be emulating that quality. We should be admiring, touting, and vehemently applauding that quality. Instead, we sit in silence while sniveling little lap-dogs like Jay Carney control the flow of public mood.

Mitt Romney needs to be given the room to lead. We need to be the “knockout punch” we all hope to see Romney deliver to Barack Hussein Obama. We need to give Mitt Romney the room to point out the fact that Barack Obama has spent more time worrying about his own legacy and his ideological causes than he has spent planning for the security, financial strength, and labor force participation of this country.

Mitt Romney is a great man. He’s a terrific leader who has “gotten the job done” whenever and wherever he has been asked to do so. There are literally hundreds of stories that point directly to the natural altruism of Mitt Romney. He selflessly gives of himself in order to improve the lives of others. Mitt Romney is the one who closed down the offices of Bain Capital and sent the executives out into the streets to help search for the missing daughter of one of his employees. Mitt Romney is the one who sat with a dying boy, giving him hope in his last days. It wasn’t hope of extended life. Romney gave the boy hope that his absence would bring fond memory of his presence. Romney gave hope that final wishes would be carried out according to the boy’s wishes. That’s the kind of man Mitt Romney is and these are just some of the myriad examples.

I’ll send $5.00 (USD) to the first person who can give me one, legitimate example of such a story involving the anointed Barack Hussein Obama. Of course, the Supreme One will take his cut of that prize, so you’ll actually only receive $.38 and I am required by Obamanomics to pay you with a combination of pennies from my car’s cupholder that have the sticky residue of spilled soda on them, and the promise of hugs. In all seriousness, where are the compassionate examples of altruism from the man who supposedly “connects” so well with the average American?

Such stories cannot be found because they simply don’t exist. The little bit that we do know of Barack’s Immaculate Rise is shady and disconnected at best. His life has been devoted to the ideology that now controls his decision making processes. He believes any opposition to his brilliance is a crime. He believes blind loyalty is the truest measure of success.

The game that Barack Obama has made of this Presidential Election is the game his ideological orthodoxy demands. Asking Mitt Romney, with his good nature and propensity for selflessness to participate in this game is like asking Tiger Woods to play linebacker in the Super Bowl. The only way Tiger would have any success in that setting is if he had an absolutely amazing team around him.

WE are that team for Romney. He won’t deliver the knockout punch because that’s not who he is. We should admire that. We should defend that. We should praise that just as ardently as those on the left praise Obama and all the free crap he’s stolen from us to give to them. We should praise the goodness of Romney as vividly as those on the left praise Obama’s consistent abandonment of our core values.

We don’t need a President who concedes to pressure from radical Islamics who insist that we abandon our own freedoms in order to enforce their laws. Obama is all too happy to oblige. Evidence of this is abundant in the disgraceful video of the alleged “filmmaker” at the heart of the Mideast unrest being led away by a herd of Police. Why was this man arrested? He exercised his Freedom of Speech. Why was the video of his incarceration made public if not to show Obama’s “tough side.” Hey, d-bag….appeasement is not tough! Our president is weak. His weakness is showing up in all sorts of sandy little countries right now. It’s showing up and all the clever speeches in the world can’t save him from his own miserably failed foreign policies. A true leader knows that the role often requires steadfast resolve even in the face of a decline in popularity. Obama would sooner sacrifice his own children than his own popularity. A leader like Mitt Romney knows that alliances with strategic media outlets, pollsters, and reporters only win temporary battles but leave open the possibility of devastating defeat in the overall war.

Be the voice. Stand up and demand a leader who doesn’t believe that at some point “you’ve made enough money.” Deliver the knockout punch so that Mitt Romney doesn’t have to sacrifice the goodness and leadership this country so desperately needs.

Barack Obama has shown a pattern of redistributionism and it is breaking us. Mitt Romney has finally sounded the call, but it is up to us to lead the charge. Flood the airwaves. Blitz the comment threads. DO NOT let the victims win.

He believes in redistribution and he will try to say that his words are those of a much younger, much less informed man. Nonsense!!! Those are the thoughts he has now learned to disguise with clever speeches, but they are visible in everything he has done since taking office. They are visible in every skyward glance he majestically casts. These are the very thoughts that drive this man, and OUR economy.

“What’s yours is ours.” “No one deserves more than anyone else.” “Life is owed to you.” “You’re a victim and someone needs to pay you.” “You didn’t build that.” “You’ve made enough money.”

Stand up. Defend our nominee and demand that the issues be addressed, not twisted. Demand that the 47% feel a sense of shame, not pride in their dependence. Return welfare to the embarrassment it was when Eddie Murphy made fun of it while wearing a ridiculous leather suit during his 1983 “Delirious” tour. Welfare, or whatever politically correct word we’ve come up with to describe it this week, is a disgrace. It’s not the “family business” Obama’s administration, actions, and ideology have made it out to be.

Obama acts as if he’s offended by mention of “government dependence” but proudly posts “The Life Of Julia” on his own website. For those of you unfamiliar with this atrocious display of anti-initiative, “Julia” is an imaginary citizen who goes from cradle to grave without every leaving the government teat! THIS is the philosophy of Barack Hussein Obama! THIS is his idea of freedom! Who’s paying the bills for precious Julia? When does she pay her own way, or pay for the next victim in line? Is that a problem for another generation, Mr. President? Are you happy to pass that on to my kids? I’m not but then again, you don’t care about MY kids since your own will be protected and insulated forever, huh?

Give Mitt Romney the room he needs to spread his message. Get out on front of him and, as my High School football coach used to say “de-cleat” the opposition before they can get a hand on our guy. The media is aligned with Obama but they are more aligned with profits and ratings. They cower to public opinion. Let them hear nothing but our opinion for the next seven weeks. We can make changes but we have to do it loudly and in a unified voice. Start yelling. United we stand.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles