Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transparently Dishonest…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.” - John Ruskin


Many believe that in the not too distant future, the act of deceiving a fellow human being will come to be known as “Baracking.” Although many of the words that flow so eloquently from the charmed mouth of our President are coated in thick shells of dishonesty, his actions are even more deceptive.

Set aside the horrific assault on American intellect that has been the White House’s response to the recent atrocities in the Middle East. Plenty has been written on that topic. The media won’t report it, but they are having a pretty hard time covering up the emboldened, suddenly inspired, anti-American speech being tossed about in the pit of the United Nations building this week. We’re revered as weak. Our Constitution is suddenly open to the interpretation of foreign ideology. No…..the media won’t touch that one.

For weeks we have been hearing about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Those who oppose Mitt Romney and all the success he has had in his life seem to believe that his immense wealth will somehow come as a surprise to the rest of us. Anyway, Romney releases last year’s return as well as a summary of the last two decade’s worth of tax records. Democrats are still not happy.

In fact, I don’t believe democrats will be happy until Romney hands them something they can really sink their teeth into. That’s the way they roll. That’s how they fight. They ask their opponents to drop their cover. Democrats are the types that pick a fight with a much bigger man, then ask that man to fight without the use of his hands, feet, arms, or legs and with his eyes closed so as to make it a “fair” fight.

Much to the dismay of the liberal agenda, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to have any of those proverbial skeletons in his closet. Instead, his returns show a level of compassion and charity most cannot fathom. The man gave away 29% of his income and the left claims it was “a trick.” Meanwhile, several of the leaders in the party known for spending YOUR money have not been so generous with their own. For example, over the last ten years, Vice President Joe Biden gave away a paltry .1% of his income to charity. Senator John Kerry, married to the Heinz Ketchup heiress…..he gave NOTHING in the last two years. Anybody hear anything about this in the media or was it trumped out by the noise of the Romney Witch-hunt?

Liberal hearts seem to bleed profusely, giving up money by the truckload when that money was earned by someone else. In their own lives however, their fat, rarely opened wallets and purses tell a different story. In fact, through analysis of Mitt Romney’s 2011 Federal Tax Return, we discover that Romney didn’t even take all of the deductions afforded him by law. Anyone think Obama or Pelosi would have missed a single deduction?

Now, since the media won’t do it…..let’s ask for some of that “transparency” Obama promised of his Administration. I realize that by now we should be taking Obama’s “promises” as seriously as Green Bay Packers’ fans take the integrity of the replacement referees, but let’s assume we have a man with at least some sense of honesty sitting in the Oval Office. Close your eyes and pretend that’s the case….

Okay, now that we’re all comfortably assembled in the land of make believe, let’s pretend that Obama was as much of an “open book” as his quivering little minion Jay Carney says he is. When asked in July if His Barackness would be making his college transcripts available to the public, Carney went off on a tangent about Donald Trump. “This is the same guy who insisted the president wasn’t born in the United States.”

That’s a discussion for another day, Mr. Carney. While there should not be lingering questions of any kind regarding the birth certificate of our President after four years in office, there seem to be many hanging over THIS President. Many experts have flat out called it a “forgery.” Many have said the same thing about his Selective Service registration form, calling it not only a forgery but a “crude” forgery.

That’s not what we asked though. The question asked of Jay Carney before he piddled himself and had to be put back in his crate, was whether or not President Barack Hussein Obama would release transcripts and records of his college days. It was demanded of George W. Bush. It was demanded of Texas Governor Rick Perry who complied only to be ridiculed for his relatively low marks. Why does His Barackness get a free pass?

This is not a “birther” issue, Mr. Carney. This is an issue of public interest. What classes did he seek out? With which professors did he align? These records would confirm the brilliance Obama so often claims to possess. Besides, who told the White House, especially their yipping little press secretary, that they get to tell us what is relevant and not? Maybe I want to see if The President of the United States of America applied to college as a citizen of the United States, or of Indonesia where he was living at the time of application. Maybe we want to see if he applied and attended as “Barack Hussein Obama” or if he was still going by his alias, Barry Soetero at the time. He attended Muslim schools in Jakarta, Indonesia as Barry Soetero. Foreigners were not admitted into Indonesian Public schools so there are some lingering questions there that America might want some closure on. Why are we not allowed to ask those questions?

This president has a propensity for downplaying and shrugging off serious matters. He has trained and commanded his loyal staff to do the same. I imagine training pads and shock collars were used, but I might be off base. Why is it suspicious when Romney releases records that don’t support your argument but Obama’s insanely expensive cover-up of his own past is dismissed as “laughable?”

It’s not laughable, Mr. President. It’s shameful. You promised us transparency but instead you have delivered paranoia, dependence, a weakened reputation around the world, dishonesty and manipulation of vitally important economic figures, and instability where we were once fortified.

Barack Obama simply must go. There is too much evidence, too many questions, and too little morale left in the wake of his orthodoxy. No matter what skewed numbers are thrown at us the fact remains that America simply doesn’t feel better off than we were four years ago. Until Jay Carney starts assigning me my feelings, I’m going to trust the ones God puts in my soul.

As always, thanks for playing!

J. Robert Giles