Monday, June 11, 2012

Comedy of Errors…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”

- Herbert Spencer


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re being shielded. Our elected leaders do not believe we are capable of understanding their “folly” as Mr. Spencer so eloquently alluded in the quote above. I don’t know of anyone that would go on the record as believing every word given them by the United States government. Somewhere along the way, our government became less and less about defending the country it was elected to protect and more and more about competing streams of ideology. The words we do receive from our government are filtered by the news source from which we choose to suckle. Our perception of the world around us is literally forged by the minds of directors and producers; editors and anchors; columnists and bloggers; politicians and advisors. Lately, to my sincere delight, it’s been the liberals or “progressives” as they prefer to be called suffering catastrophic injuries at the hands of their own actions. Hey, morons….giving yourself a positive sounding moniker doesn’t change the fact that your whole way of thinking is simply disastrous. You can be as “progressive” as you want but if you’re progressing toward doom at a greater rate than your opponent, perhaps bragging isn’t the best course of action. The structural damage sustained by the liberal party in last week’s Wisconsin Recall slap-fest has not been fully absorbed yet because, as usual, we’re being shielded. We are shielded by the very people on whom we rely so heavily for our opinions.

It’s actually quite comical…..or at least it would be if the stakes weren’t so high. The liberals used to have such a commanding ownership of the political landscape in this country. It’s the same kind of guilt we all felt in 2000, as the tech bubble burst and the reality of Clinton’s presidency started to come to light. All those things for which Clinton so gleefully took credit were the very things from which he and Ben Franklin…..I mean…..Hillary couldn’t distance themselves fast enough once the pillars of their bragging rights started crumbling around them. Sadly, despite our own conservative backbones telling us to prepare for the end of the stock market earnings frenzy, we all got a little greedy. Seriously though….what’s with Hillary’s appearance lately? Nobody has offered an explanation as to why she suddenly looks like a slightly melted wax sculpture of Christopher Walken. I’m waiting, patriots!

This race is far from over, but it sure does a conservative heart good to see Obama and his loyal minions stumbling as often as they have lately. In no way should the fact that Romney hasn’t had to throw a punch yet be interpreted as an unobstructed path to November victory, but it really does make it so much more entertaining to watch. There seems to be a sense that Obama and his ideas, excuses, and inherent failures are all on their way out but they just don’t know it yet. Conservatives watch with gleeful pride as those we have long suspected of being the mental equivalent of drug-mules collapse under the weight of their own lunatic perversions. Since we, as a conservative pool of thought, are not bound by the need for mob frenzy like those on the left, we keep our excitement and cheer to ourselves. We keep our hope and certainty of the future beyond November tucked carefully within the forefront of our minds. We’ve learned the lessons of our own unjustifiable and excessive confidence, arrogance, and illogical grasp of the world around us. They were painful, indelible lessons that left scars in the history of this great country, and they were our fault. The advantage we have in this go-round is the fact that we are actually capable of learning lessons from our own mistakes. We are capable of recognizing our own mistakes. Liberals are not so lucky in that regard. Barack Hussein Obama, the benign sovereign, continues to shoot himself in the foot with such frequency that it’s often hard to keep up. Not once has he taken the time to sit back, admit fault, and ask for forgiveness. He dares to insult us with accusations that we’ve “lost our imagination” as a country, but he has never once found fault with his own logic. Just this week, his feet have suffered heavy fire from the barrels of his own weaponry in the following stories.

On Saturday afternoon in the peaceful town of San Gabriel, California which is located to the northeast of Los Angeles, United States Commerce Secretary John Brsyon believed he had been given the keys to the United States economy and drove it like Obama himself had been his driver’s education instructor. Sadly, it was not a metaphorical vehicle that Secretary Bryson was driving. It was a Lexus and he managed to cause multiple accidents. He even managed to strike one car TWICE, but nary a mention in the mainstream media. To be fair, details are still emerging and no mention of drugs or alcohol have been made as of yet but can anyone look me in the eye and honestly tell me that the facts would get in the way of over-reporting this story if Mr. Bryson was one of ours? If he wasn’t the man Obama had referred to as the “voice of the business community” within his cabinet, is there any doubt that investigation of this case would be a mere formality as guilt would have been assigned before the cracks in his windshield finished spreading. It’s felony hit-and-run people. Are we just sweeping that one under the rug these days?

Good old Nancy Pelosi, the “Old Faithful” of stupidity, stated this week that ObamaCare is an American “right” not a privilege. According to our very own House Minority Leader, our United States Constitution guarantees free healthcare to those who make less than CEO level income. Seriously, anyone who believes Nancy Pelosi is a sane person should be locked away immediately. They are danger to themselves and others. NOWHERE does our Constitution mention healthcare. What it DOES mention is the freedom to practice religion. How does that stack up against the contraception mandate Ms. Tammy-Faye-Meets-The-Joker? The Bill of Rights also states very clearly that the federal government does NOT have the right to take a citizen’s property for public use without providing just compensation. It also provides such agenda crushing language as “the powers not designated to the United States by its Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively or to the people.” That doesn’t sound like it’s giving the government the right to take money from those making more than 400% of the federal poverty level in order to provide free healthcare to those who make less. Does it? Time to reload, Mr. President. You seem to have a toe remaining!

We’ll save the reports by the Gallup Organization showing that 1/3 of Union members support Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election. We’ll set aside the fact that our very own US Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced plans to spend 70 MILLION of our dollars to teach people how to spend the BILLIONS of our dollars they already have. We’ll get back to those in future articles but for now we must give some of our time to the latest and greatest from the Supreme Campaigner himself. Have you ever heard anything as ridiculous as “the private sector is doing fine?” Does this man not realize his words will be scrutinized? Does he know that he has not yet been re-elected and that every time he or one of his idiot supporters open their mouths, the likelihood of such an event occurring are greatly diminished? The President of your United States of America declares an end to the suffering among non-cushy-government-job types. Despite numbers and data that show exactly the opposite to be true, Obama insults us all with more nonsense about success and prosperity that simply doesn’t exist. Then, to make matters even worse, Obama sends out David Axelrod to clean up his mess. That’s right, America. Since Obama himself is far too busy and important to explain our lack of understanding where his brilliance is concerned, and Biden’s an idiot…..we get his Campaign Chairman! We’re not even worthy of an “official” explanation from the Administration? We get a campaign commercial instead? One that doesn’t even answer our questions and instead calls us “stupid” through a crumb littered mustache? That’s all the respect His Barackness has for us? Again, if the stakes weren’t so high, this would be great comedy.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


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