Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Their Playbook Is Outdated…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”  - Confucius

Praise seems to be so easily earned these days. Actually, that’s not true. Praise is seldom earned. ‘Praise is so easily stolen, bought, or extorted these days’ would be a more accurate way to state it. Even more troubling than the manner in which the praise is obtained is the characteristics, values, or actions that receive the praise. Poverty is cool in our society as long as it makes you tough. Wealth is frowned upon unless it was obtained by questionable means. Confucius would be quite perplexed.

There for a while, it seemed that there was a severe panty-drought among Hollywood’s starlets. It was as if public display of lady-parts was a prerequisite for admission into the A-list. Then came the sex-tape. The poor, manipulated victim who knew nothing about the camera or the tape until her ex releases it into the internet. Through it all there has been one common variable and that has been celebrity. The lifestyle, wealth, and publicity that comes with celebrity seems to be more ardently pursued than all moral virtues combined. We’re obsessed with which celebrity is sleeping with which celebrity. Entire sections of magazines are dedicated to paparazzi photos of celebrities in compromising positions. The latest trend seems to be the “leaked” cell-phone photo. Yet these are the people our kids praise.

In a recent study by Forbes Magazine, it was revealed that only two of the Top Twenty Highest Paid Actors and Actresses have graduated from college. Those who did NOT graduate include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ben Stiller, Sean Combs, and Tom Hanks. I don’t think many of you would be surprised to hear that Kid Rock, Lil’ Wayne, and 50 Cent never received collegiate diplomas either. I’m not saying that they should be required to give back any of their money, but I am asking why these people are viewed as deserving of their wealth, but Mitt Romney somehow isn’t? Why? Can anyone explain that? If anyone can honestly convince me that Kim Kardashian is worthy of $100,000 per domestic appearance, and as much as $1,000,000 for an international one, I would love to hear it. I’m not suggesting that a college degree is absolutely mandatory for success, but anyone who thinks they will one day live like a Kardashian because they too have an enormous butt is probably not living in an overly logical world. There can be no more perfect example of this truth than the audition phase of any talent show like American Idol where contestants with absolutely no talent whatsoever threaten everything from future regret to physical violence against judges who dare to ignore their ‘gifts.’ Everyone believes they are deserving of fame. What’s even more enraging is the fact that everyone believes they are MORE deserving of fame than everyone else. And still, these are the people our kids admire.

The most infuriating part of this celebrity infatuation is the fact that Obama has so skillfully tapped into it in a way that has benefited him and his twisted ideology for almost a decade. Literally. Obama used records from another man’s divorce to win his senate seat. Obama released sordid details of sexual exploits between Jack Ryan and his wife, actress Jeri Ryan that had come up in the course of their divorce. In no way should Jack Ryan’s sexual exploits with his wife have gotten him removed from the Illinois ballots, but Obama’s skillful portrayal of deviance did just that. Again, that’s not to say that Jack and Jeri Ryan didn’t have one twisted marriage, but it was a consensual one and the records should not have been made available to Obama. Why were those stories and allegations so easily endorsed and publicized by the media but the story of all three homosexual men in Obama’s church turning up executed just before the rise of Barackness raises nary an eyebrow? Why is that? When we dare to suggest some kind of coordinated effort, we are labeled as “tin-foil-hat-brigades” or “birthers” or “conspiracy kooks.” Why? Why does that story deserve so little credit? Three men were shot in the back of their heads. Three men with known ties to Barack Obama who many assumed were his “down-low” lovers. If these circumstances surrounded Mitt Romney I believe CNN would have to start a new station devoted entirely to the vetting of all pertinent facts. As it stands, no such action or interest is taking place. Why is it that the detailed descriptions of the intensely sexual relationship Larry Sinclair had with Obama in 1999 are dismissed as silly, but Mitt Romney hazing a kid so viciously that it caused his eventual suicide is accepted as unquestioned fact? Three men died who supposedly had sexual relations with our president, yet no one believes a connection can be made. Even the kid Romney hazed didn’t point to the incident as reason for his suicide yet the story was heavily reported. These arrows that the left keeps trying to shoot at Romney are not piercing the way they intend because Romney is not made from the same immoral fabric as they are. The portrayal of greed and immorality with which they keep attempting to present us is simply not landing. And now comes word that Obama and his minions may be considering another stimulus package? Seriously, just a day or two after insinuating that the stagnant economy, er….the plummeting economy is the fault of the GOP. Two years of a democrat controlled Congress with no budget, two years of a Republican controlled Congress and the democrats in the Senate have shot down any budget proposal. They now want more of our money but they refuse to tell us how it’s being spent. Attention liberals, the commanders in your ideology are stealing everything you own and you are praising them for it. Grow a spine or get the heck out of my country. End of story.

When will enough be enough? When will we stop overlooking the very things Obama has blatantly admitted in books, memoirs, and interviews so that we can use similar ammunition against Romney? Obama has flat out admitted to drug-use, bullying, and delusional thought, yet all attention has been carefully diverted from the inherent story. The man admitted to eating a dog. I mean…..you just don’t eat dog and then run the United States of America. That is NOT how they drew it up! Mitt Romney will be the next President of The United States because he actually cares about the United States. Not once, in any of his memoirs and other written nonsense has Barack Hussein Obama mentioned love of country. How can a man who has never displayed patriotism be expected to lead those who would die to do so? Mitt Romney may not have served in the military. He may not have been the best governor in the history of Massachusetts, but he did manage to work with one of the most liberal state congresses ever assembled. Throughout his life, Mitt Romney has delivered success wherever he has worked. He’s got a drive within him that Obama and his excuses simply can’t fathom. His impact on our country can’t come soon enough!

By the way, among the two celebrities on the list with a college degree…..big time republican contributor Adam Sandler. He might make ridiculously silly movies, but the guy’s not an idiot! That’s right folks, Happy Gilmore is more intelligent than Danny Ocean, Troy, Will Hunting, Gaylord Fokker, Forrest Gump, and The Material Girl. Try to contain your surprise! What? Obama always brags about his degrees yet his most ardent celebrity supporters don’t have any. Romney received simultaneous degrees in law and business from Harvard and his grades are public. It’s worthy of mention.

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J Robert Giles

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