Friday, May 11, 2012

Distracted by The Rainbow…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“There’s a gullible side to the American people. They can be easily misled.”  - Michael Moore


Well, I guess Michael Moore would be the world’s leading authority on misleading the American people. He misled an entire, diseased, mass of liberals into believing that he and his ridiculously self-serving opinions were once relevant. I’ve found that a general rule of thumb is to disagree with anything the ACLU, Michael Moore, the Philadelphia Eagles, or Barack Obama may say. It doesn’t matter what they say, I usually disagree with it. While Michael Moore is no longer making public appearances, Barack Obama has certainly picked up the slack. This latest nonsense about gay marriage is laughable. Honestly.

Personally, I’m in a bit of a precarious position with this situation. My cousin is gay. She’s open about it and she has found someone that has made her happier than anyone in my family has ever seen her. She’s endured some life-altering pain in the past couple of years and her partner has stood by her side and led her through the darkness of the accompanying emotions. Accepting and embracing her homosexuality has opened her life to a happiness that we all assumed she was actively avoiding for some reason. It’s the kind of relationship that normally leads to marriage. In fact, that is the path they have chosen to take.

The conversation I had with my cousin in which she announced that she was getting “married” saddened me. So many assumptions were made on both sides. She assumed that because of my openly conservative views that I would be upset with her for taking this path in her life. I assumed that she was only gay as an experiment or rebellion of some kind. I love my cousin. She’s part of my family. She’s a big part of a substantial portion of my most cherished childhood memories and there’s nothing she could ever do to change that. If she has found happiness in her life, I will openly embrace that happiness and support it with my whole heart. I will accept her partner as a “life-partner” with no conditions. I don’t expect to change her mind with my personal political opinions any more than she should hope to see me vote for Obama in November. I will accept the love she has for her partner. If they are successful in their plans to have children, I will accept them as a family. I will not accept them as married under the same sanctity as I look forward to sharing with my own future bride.

Marriage is defined as a man and a woman with the capability of reproducing life without the assistance of medical technology, or third-party involvement in the conception process. That’s my definition anyway. My cousin and her partner should be allowed many of the benefits given to married couples. There’s no reason that hospital visitation should not be extended to committed, homosexual couples…..that is discriminatory. That has nothing to do with marriage. Gays should be granted many of the same tax breaks and burdens afforded to heterosexual married couples. Those benefits are modern, and shouldn’t have anything to do with the sanctity of marriage in the first place. Yes, my cousin deserves that special wedding day that she’s dreamt of since she was a little girl. She deserves that happiness that comes from planning, living, and enjoying a life with the one she loves.  Despite what His Barackness and Nancy Pelosi may have you believe, no conservative wants to step in and forcibly separate homosexual couples. At least not the kinds of conservatives with opinions that matter.

Speaking of Pelosi, she actually has the nerve to say that Obama’s “evolution” of his opinion on gay marriage is not political. In fact she thinks it’s what he believes with his heart and it has nothing to do with politics. Really??? Really, Nancy? Do you really believe we’re that stupid? Of course it was political. It was planned as a reaction to Joe “One Man Sleeper Cell” Biden’s gaffe last week in which he forgot the cameras were rolling once again. It forced Obama’s hand and gave him a big boost heading into his campaign / date night on the Left Coast last night. It was carefully planned and supported by an attack against Mitt Romney with even less accuracy, truth, or relevance than Michael Moore. What cracks me up is that Obama’s staggering level of arrogance would actually have him believing that the story about Mitt Romney hazing a homosexual classmate in the 60’s would resonate and result in positive numbers for his constant campaign. As is so often the case with these carefully devised distractions of the left, it’s backfiring.

The story of Mitt Romney “viciously” attacking the poor, defenseless classmate has been greatly exaggerated. As Ben Shapiro reported on Breitbart News this morning the piece was full of, shall we say…..”selective emphasis.” The Washington Post claimed, without evidence, that Mitt Romney was a homophobic bully to classmate John Lauber back in their high school days…..five decades ago. First of all, social awareness of homosexuality in those days was limited at best. To apply the mentality of today to a situation occurring in an entirely different time is misleading, dangerous, and lacking any form of journalistic integrity. Second, the timing of this story’s release; just a day after the big coming out party of His Barackness, just reeks of staged political maneuvering, does it not? Third, John Lauber is dead and cannot corroborate any of his emotions so dramatically described in the attack piece. His sisters, who were interviewed by the Washington Post reporter but not quoted in the piece, say that John Lauber never spoke of the incident and that it was not nearly the impactful hazing it is now being portrayed to have been. They also say that if John Lauber were alive today he would be “furious” with the idea of this story being used to further a political agenda.

Once again, we’re being distracted folks. Homosexuality has been accepted yet for the next month or so, we’ll be hearing how the plight is largely unaddressed. It’s not a new set of victims, but one that is perfectly willing to accept the attention this story will cast upon them. As long as that attention is on the gay community, it’s off the nightmarish economy. As long as we’re talking about Obama being the Jeweled Prince of the gay community, we’re not discussing the fact that unemployment numbers, when allowed to be void of any adjustments by the Obama administration, are close to 14%, not 8.1% which is suddenly worthy of praise. Let the mainstream fools latch onto these kinds of stories. They’re political, sad and pathetic as far as we should be concerned. Obama didn’t make any kind of policy suggestion. He didn’t take the bold stance everyone is making it out to be. He didn’t endorse gay marriage as President of the United States. Everyone seems to be jumping on the idea that he was the first to do so while in office, but nobody is accepting the fact that he was very careful to insert the word “personally” into his acceptance of gay marriage. This “bold” and “courageous” announcement did absolutely nothing except distract. Those who feel alienated by his recent opinion, just wait…..he’ll swing back around to pick you up with some kind of “monumental” announcement in the future. Remember, you don’t have the attention span necessary to recall that he pissed you off today. You’re just one of the American people and you’re easily misled. PROVE HIM WRONG!!! Focus on those things he’s trying to keep you from focusing on. Jobs. Unemployment. Solyndra. Obamacare. Keystone. And no matter how tired the left may be of hearing it…..where the heck was this man born?!?!?

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J Robert Giles

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