Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oz Never Ate Toto…..

By: J Robert Giles


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Distraction - [dih-strak-shuhn] noun  1-The act of distracting.  2- The state of being distracted. –That which distracts, divides the attention, or prevents concentration.  - That which entertains, or diverts; amusement, entertainment.




His Barackness loves to use the word “distraction.” He blames anything that might make him look less than brilliant on his arch enemy; his battle tested foe…..conservative tactics of distraction. In keeping with what has become an absurdly standard policy of this administration, even that is a lie! Conservatives are not the ones deploying more distractions than answers. Conservatives are not the ones covering up lies with more lies. Even more frustrating is the fact that those on the left seem so willing to accept the lies. They accept the lies and charm of Obama as truth and they do themselves and this country a great disservice in doing so. In the next 188 days, you can expect to see a plethora of distractions but I can assure you that very few of them will be coming from the right side of the political aisle.

If you’re still reading this article, I assume you are capable of enough thought and reason to know that Obama just might be the antichrist. I don’t use that term lightly. I honestly believe His Barackness may have been created out of spare parts found in the dumpster behind Beelzebub’s Workshop. Every word that comes out of the man’s mouth is simply dripping with deceit. We know that the idea of “conservative distraction” is axiomatically false, but most of us render that judgment based solely on the fact that the words passed Obama’s lips. While that is generally an excellent measuring stick, this case deserves a little more investigation. It’s not just the dishonesty that frustrates me. It’s the charismatic nature by which this mind-numbing foolishness is delivered. It’s the preposterous levels of devious planning that has gone into some of the left’s best defenses. It’s the sheer magnitude of people willing to accept liberal ideology rather than think for themselves. That is not to say that all liberals are uneducated fools. I’m pretty sure we share an equal number of idiots when it comes to the dregs of ideology. For every one of Jesse Jackson’s love-children out there demanding free stuff because of their pigmentation, there’s a Westboro Baptist Church lunatic claiming something equally maniacal. Again, not all liberals are stupid. There are many brilliant people out there to whom liberalism is appealing because it requires little to no research. Liberalism is presented in a nice, shiny package that answers the most basic political questions in a vague, carefully crafted manner that is sure to appeal to the widest possible audience. Conservatism however, requires more thought. It requires the reader to look beyond the fairy tale and accept some discomfort. Here’s a few examples.

Osama bin Laden – Ding-dong, that b!+ch is dead! For that, as I have said many times, Obama is to be commended. It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t find enough grace and humility to simply accept our gratitude and move on. Instead, he took the approach that should come as more expectation than surprise at this point. His Barackness went to work before bin Laden’s body even hit the floor to make sure that the world knew he had been in charge. He reminds me of the wide receiver who catches a first down in the fourth quarter of a game he’s losing by four touchdowns and then celebrates for six solid minutes. “Mr. President…..the economy’s in the tank, gas prices suck, companies are closing their doors at an alarming rate… you have a plan?” (That’s kind of a generalization of every question that’s been asked of our campaigning commander over the last few months by anyone not blinded by the Light of Barack.) “Well, you know…..I’m not going to dignify your distracting line of questioning with a response. The American people know that I killed bin Laden.” And so it will go from now until November 6th. There will be new and creative ways to keep bin Laden’s name on the tips of every uneducated tongue in the voting public. Obama will have them believing that he himself was part of the mission. By the time we hit the voting stations in November, Obama will have us believe that he pulled the trigger while fighting a shark and Chuck Norris at the same time. There will be no mention of the fact that bin Laden was located and killed using intel gathered during Bush’s presidency. No mention will be made of the fact that the intel was gathered using methods that Obama has denounced. See…..those pesky facts tend to scuff and dent the shiny box of liberalism.

Occupy Wall Street – These morons are promising to make a comeback. I sincerely hope that they do. The very fact that they feel relevant just goes to prove my point. This disorganized group of crybabies promises to be back on the streets, screaming their cause……which is still a vague, general demand wherein the wealth and fruits of another man’s labor are to be handed over to the crowds of participation trophy toting, Apple Store clogging, excrement smearing protesters. They’re a distraction. They’re loud and they’re entertaining but they are a distraction nonetheless. I’m sure all of us, at one point or another,  have thought to ourselves…..”Self, this day would improve dramatically if I could just poop on one cop-car or American Flag” but only these brave souls in the Occupy movement (no pun intended) have summoned such courage.  Obama will do everything he can to associate himself with the premise behind this crowd. Like two tornados colliding to devastate anything in it’s collective path, these camps will form an alliance that is sure to make this one of the most maddening summers in history. Of course, while our focus is locked onto the sheer size of the crowds, no mention will be made of the fact that Obama has received more money from the enemies of the Occupy movement than any of the Presidents this group claims to hate so much. No mention will be made of the fact that record amounts of capital are being stored in anticipation of Obama’s defeat. No mention will be made of the fact that Obama has single-handedly delivered more doubt, angst, and hesitation to a once enviable economy than any tragedy, crisis, or attack every could. Again…..why put those facts out there when “corporate greed is behind every unanswered prayer America has ever prayed” fits so much more nicely into that shiny, liberal box.

War On Women – First of all, this idea that conservatives hate women is ludicrous. We just hate liberal women! We hate liberal women who lie and manipulate facts just as much as we hate Presidents who lie and manipulate the facts. Once again, when the strong winds of truth knock down the thin facade of liberal ideology, it’s easy to see the hypocrisy. I doubt very seriously that you will hear Obama mention the fact that HIS White House pays the female staff members 18% less than the male staff members. I doubt you will hear him make many speeches in which the fact that women have suffered far more under Obama’s horrific economic policies than men have suffered. Hope-and-Change-onomics have been especially tough on women but why bring that truth to light when it is so ugly? Why not bask in the utopian glow of Obama’s created reality instead? Maintain the luster of that shiny, liberal box.

Racism – Race wars ignite Obama’s base. Despite the tenuous nature of the case against George Zimmerman, the left has done nothing to promote the notion of innocent until proven guilty. Instead, we have been subjected to “production errors” which just so happen to cut out key sections of Zimmerman’s 9-1-1 Call and leave us, the dumber-than-a-box-of-hair public, with seeds of racism sprouting in our minds. Instead of the truth, we are presented with manipulative photos to make a 17 year old, trespassing thug look like an angelic child while Zimmerman’s photo makes him look like he just got released from the drunk tank at County Lockup. Instead of quietly allowing the American legal system to perform it’s most basic of functions, we are presented with marches and protests. Apparently all you have to do now is yell the loudest and cops will do whatever you want. You can even get the chief fired if you don’t feel the color of his skin matches the victim closely enough. That’s the reality of the shambles in which the left has left our legal system and our Constitution. Obama will do everything he can to remind us that if he “had a son, he would probably look just like Trayvon Martin.” A clever maneuver aimed at keeping his blindly loyal, racially segregated base fired up and vocal. Well guess what y’all…..if George Zimmerman is white then so is Obama! How about that for some logic? Where’s Obama’s addressing of the fact that under his rule, blacks have enjoyed a 6% higher unemployment rate than the national average? No, no…..falsified numbers and “adjusted” statistics add much more shine to the liberal box than does the truth.

Energy – The left claims victory in the dreams that Obama has laid out before us. Unfortunately, victories are not earned in the planning stages. If that were the case, then the NFL would be handing out about 32 Lombardi Trophies each September. Good job on getting through pre-season guys, here’s your parade. You will hear repeated claims that drilling for oil is way up under Obama and that production is at praise-worthy levels. Technically, part of that statement are actually true but as is so often the case, a few decisive details have been intentionally omitted. For example, yes drilling is up but it’s only because people have found ways to drill around the Obama administration’s restrictions and steadfast refusal to grant new drilling permits. By drilling on private land, oil has begun to flow. Oil that is free from the restrictions of Obama and his beetle loving brethren.  That oil could be flowing through the job producing pipes of Keystone XL but that endeavor was closed down. Oil will continue to be transported via Warren Buffett’s trains. No questions. The left will continue to paint oil and the companies that produce it as evil but no mention will be made of the fact that these same companies have done more for the advancement of green energy technologies than all of Obama’s ill-advised policies combined. No mention will be made of the billions of our dollars wasted on ideological pursuits like Solyndra, A123 Systems, and Ener1. No attention will be given to the shameful combustibility of the blackmail conceived Chevy Volt. The Italian ownership of Chrysler is probably going to be kept from Obama’s speeches as well.

Obama and his minions are going to do everything in their power to make sure you hate Mitt Romney. That’s the nature of a campaign, but when opinions are formed upon a foundation of dishonesty…..well, let’s just say that nothing is more fun than watching those foundations crumble. Get loud people! There’s a reason this buffoon has held more fundraising events than Presidents Nixon through George W. Bush combined, That reason is that he believes money will cover up the stench of his record. It’s like wrapping a turd in a scented fabric softener sheet. It’s still a turd, it just smells slightly less offensive. It in no way improves the effectiveness of the dryer sheet for heaven’s sake! Get loud! Stay loud! Get this fool out of office and then get his foolish Congressional loyalists out of their offices too. It’s time to take that shiny little box of theirs and melt it down so that it can manufactured into something more useful. Playtime is over!

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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